Biden’s FBI Raids Home of Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe Over Ashley Biden Diary

Joe Biden’s FBI raided the homes of at least two members of the conservative group Project Veritas including its founder James O’Keefe.

“JUST IN – FBI raids Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe’s home in New York over Biden daughter’s diaries. Today’s raid on journalist O’Keefe’s home was conducted by both federal investigators and federal prosecutors in Manhattan. It was ordered by the U.S. Department of Justice (NYT)”

O’Keefe then released a video responding following the raid, “James O’Keefe issues a statement today after search warrants were executed over Ashley Biden’s stolen diary. He admits that he received the diary from a “tipster,” who said Ashley “abandoned her diary in a room.” He then claims he wasn’t the one who posted parts of it online.”

O’Keefe said, “We are in no doubt that Project Vertias acted properly at each and every step. However, it appears, Journalism itself, may now be on trial. Late last year we were approached by tiptsters claiming they had a copy of Ashley Biden’s diary.”

He went on saying that they tried to return it to Ashley Biden and asked, “In what world is the alleged theft of a diary investigated by the president’s FBI and his DOJ? A diary. This federal investigation smacks of politics.”

It appears O’Keefe made the ethical decison in not pubilishing the diary last fall however he is now facing backlash as his house was raided by the FBI on Thursday. Some may ask, what did O’Keefe do wrong?

“BREAKING: James O’Keefe turned the diary over to law enforcement themselves rather than publish it Now they are under investigation by the SDNY for conducting journalism”

After Democrats called Trump a dictator for claiming that the media was the “enemy of the people”, they seem to be silent about Biden’s FBI raiding the house of a journalist. While Trump never raided any journalist’s house for produing damaging pieces, it appears Biden may have weaponized the Department of Justice to punish O’Keefe.

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