Wendy Rogers Takes Victory Lap After Triggering Bret Baier into Blocking Her on Twitter

Arizona Republican State Senator Wendy Rogers took a victory lap on Twitter after Fox News host Bret Baier blocked her on Twitter.

“Congratulations to @BretBaier at @FoxNews for receiving the very first #FakeNews award from me for his bungling of the Arizona call on Nov 3rd for President and for lying and discrediting our very credible audit. Bonus points for blocking me after I called him out. #Triggered

Rogers handed him the first-ever “Fake News award” and expressed grievances for him and Fox News calling Arizona early for Joe Biden on election night when many believed Trump had a chance to come back. Some say he showed his true colors election night when he and Fox News gave Arizona to Biden in what many saw as an early call.

She continued on to say he has lied about the “very credible” Maricopa County, Arizona audit which some Democrats seem to be threatened by. Some may argue that Baier has too much pride to say he was wrong about Arizona.

This comes as we previously reported, “America First Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) called for the Arizona electors to be recalled for Joe Biden after calling them “fraudulent”.

After being one of the first Republicans to call for an audit of Maricopa County, Arizona, Rogers has led the way during the audit. Now that the forensic audit has concluded, Rogers believes the 11 Biden electors should be recalled.

While listing off pieces of what many believe to be evidence of voter fraud in the state, she called for there to be a new election conducted. However, it is undetermined whether she means just in Arizona or in all of the country.”

Bret Baier went as far as blocking an elected official on Twitter due to his strong discontent with America First patriot Wendy Rogers, in our view. This is just another victory for the rising star in the Republican Party and it exposes Bret Baier as another member of the establishment media.

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