Congressman Dr. Wenstrup Blasts the ‘Democratic Coup’, Dem’s Witness Agrees it’s Too Divisive

During his allotted time to speak at today’s impeachment hearing. Congressman Dr. Wenstrup (R-OH) spent his time speaking about the Democrat’s attempt at removing President Trump from office. “I have seen hatred for political reasons, specifically on June 14, 2017, at a Baseball field in Virginia. I have seen hatred in war. I know that hatred blinds people. I have been in war, and I have studied war, and coups create division. It is time for this phase of the publicly announced and proclaimed Democratic coup to end,” Wenstrup said. The Democrat’s witness, Fiona Hill, appeared to agree with his premise.


During yesterday’s hearing, Wenstrup questioned Ambassador Sondland’s claims of a quid pro quo. “Ambassador Sondland, you have used the words presumed, presumption, presuming, some form of the word to presume repeatedly today … You know a mathematical fact, 2 plus 2 does equal 4, but in reality, 2 presumptions plus 2 presumptions does not even equal one 1 fact,” Wenstrup stated. View the rest of the encounter below:

To help keep track of the witnesses, Benny Johnson tweeted out an Impeachment “Witness Round up:

Former Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), who lost her re-election bid 2018 stated on MSNBC “who cares who the tipster was?” GOP National Spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington tweeted out that soundbite: 

Day five of the public Trump impeachment hearings wrapped up with Democrat House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff putting on a dramatic performance to try and nail down his case for impeaching President Trump. He claims that Trump and the Republicans are just mad that they ‘got caught’ in regards to the phone call with President Zelinsky of Ukraine that spurred this whole thing.

Rep. Jim Jordan and other House members on the House Intelligence Committee for the Republicans continue to assert, however, that there is no proof of any quid pro quo being offered or accepted between the Ukranian President and President Trump, therefore there is no offense.

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