Elise Stefanik Demands, To No Avail, That NY Gov Kathy Hochul ‘Unmask’ Students As Other Dem Govs Announce End Dates For School Mask Mandates

The third-ranking House Republican, Elise Stefanik has demanded that Democrat New York Gov. Kathy Hochul “unmask” students.

Hochul, however, doesn’t appear to be heeding her request as she will keep masking rules in place in schools for now.

In an announcement today, Hochul said that the state will end a mask mandate that applied to indoor public settings otherwise.

“Kathy Hochul, follow the science and UNMASK OUR KIDS!” Stefanik declared yesterday in a tweet.

As we previously reported, Democratic governors in several states announced an end date to school mask mandates and made the announcement yesterday.

Stefanik tweeted out today about the Stacey Abrams maskless photo controversy and said, “Democrats’ authoritarian mask mandates are NOT about following the science.”

“If they were then they’d be wearing them! These mask mandates are nothing more than a power grab by the Radical Left,” Abrams insisted.

Just two weeks ago, a New York State Supreme Court judge overturned Hocuhul’s mask mandate and ruled the governor overstepped her authority by imposing a rule that needed to have been passed by the state legislature.

That same day, however, a New York Appellate Judge granted a stay in the state’s lawsuit, which meant that it remained in place while the case is appealed.

As for masking in schools, Hochul has said that the state will revisit the question the first week in March, after many students return to classrooms following planned winter breaks.

“This will give us time to lay out a game plan if this change occurs,” Hochul explained in regards to the extra month of masking students.