Even Anti-Trump Nancy Mace Comes Clean, believes Donald Trump Was Railroaded by the FBI, What They ‘did to him is F*****’

With the release of John Durham’s 306 page report to the public Monday, many have shared their thoughts on the not so new (in our view) revelation that the FBI and Justice Department “failed to uphold” the mission of “strict fidelity of law” in the Trump-Russia collusion probe.

U.S. House Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) who quickly turned on Trump after being elected with his help in 2020 even shared, “Trump primaried me last year. So, I’m the furthest thing from a Trump shill. But what the FBI did to him is f*cked. It’s un-American and should never happen to anyone again.”

After being elected in 2020, Mace used her first speech on the House floor to condemn former President Donald Trump after the events of January 6th. Mace was one of a few congressional Republicans who went after Trump after January 6th.

The Durham report laid it all out so clearly that the FBI blindly pursued the investigation into the Trump campaign with such bias it should be clear to all that Trump’s claims of it being a “witch hunt” were valid.

CNN’s Jake Tapper even said of it, “It is regardless, devastating to the FBI, and to a degree, it does exonerate Donald Trump.” His comment on the Durham report has now made Tapper a target of the left which cannot seem to help itself with its Trump derangement syndrome.

Leo Terrell demanded an apology for the former president. It doesn’t appear that Trump will get an apology, but the report is some kind of vindication for him.


  1. What is difficult for me to believe is people like her, that have a modicum of intellect, that can read, actually needed this report to see the writing on the wall, to read the tea leaves. I don’t believe this.

    I believe she, like others, is trying to get ahead of the game and come off as unaware of the collusion against President Trump. I believe she is a liar and is covering her backside.

    1. I agree with you 100%. She should be primaried out of politics. She will eventually switch parties

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