Jim Jordan Turns Up the Heat, Asks ‘How Many Classified Documents Will they Find at Joe Biden’s House This Week?’

U.S. House Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) expressed his ire today at the continuing saga that is the uncovering of classified documents in Joe Biden’s possession from before he became president.

Six more classified documents were discovered at Biden’s Delaware home on Friday after an FBI search lasted 13 hours.

Jordan wondered in a tweet, “How many classified documents will they find at Joe Biden’s houses this week?”

Predictably, leftists swarmed Jordan’s tweet in an attempt to discredit his questioning of the situation, including anti-Trump social media personality Ed Krassenstein.

“How many classified documents is Trump still holding against a government subpoena? Why don’t you care about that?” Krassenstein shot back.

Ten days ago, Jordan announced the first investigation as Chairman of the Judiciary, a probe into Joe Biden’s “mishandling” of classified documents.

The announcement came the day after Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate the matter as well.

Jordan sent a letter to Garland that said, “We are conducting oversight of the Justice Department’s actions with respect to former Vice President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, including the apparently unauthorized possession of classified material at a Washington, D.C. private office and in the garage of his Wilmington, Delaware residence.”

In response, Jordan was told in a letter from the Assistant AG, Carlos Uriarte, that “Consistent with longstanding policy and practice, any oversight requests must be weighed against the Department’s interests in protecting the integrity of its work.”

As we reported on Saturday, Twitter CEO Elon musk reacted to the news about the six new documents being found and asked, “Where have they *not* found classified documents?”

“That might be a shorter list,” Musk deadpanned.

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