Kayleigh McEnany Praises Ron DeSantis as ‘Best Executive in the Nation’ After Poll Shows Him as Top Republican in Florida

A Florida GOP poll on state republicans and their approval by Florida residents was released Monday.

By far, Governor Ron DeSantis earned 64% of the entire poll, while Marco Rubio received 12% and Senator Rick Scott received a mere 10%. DeSantis’s hard work has been acclaimed more often among Republicans in recent months due to his handling of the Covid-19 crisis in recent months.

Florida is the only state to not have a piece of legislation mandating mask orders.

After the poll was released on Twitter, President Trump’s former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany came out in bold support for DeSantis. McEnany said that “DeSantis is the best executive in the nation at this moment.”

Time will tell what the future holds for Trump supporter DeSantis. Many want him to run for president, but if Trump runs in 2024, it’s unlikely he’d go against him. Perhaps a possible VP spot or run in 2028 could be in the cards?