Texas Style Anti Abortion Bill Officially Signed by Idaho Governor, Oregon Libs Prepare for Influx

Idaho Republican Governor Brad Little has signed a Texas-style abortion law matching the Lone Star State in restricting abortion access.

The bill bans abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy and allows it to be enforced through lawsuits to avoid constitutional court challenges.

Additionally, it will allow people who would have been family members to sue a doctor who performs an abortion after cardiac activity is detected in an embryo although Little had some reservations about whether the law is constitutional or not.

“BREAKING: Idaho prepares to ban most abortions in the state as governor signs Texas-style law”

As we previously reported a group of pink hat liberals protested on the steps of the Idaho State Capitol over the weekend after the bill headed to Little’s desk.

The rally was organized by the abortion rights coalition Freeing Idaho to encourage attendees to make phone calls, write letters and send texts to Little demanding he vetoes the bill.

Little is known to be one of the more establishment governors and is already facing a Trump-endorsed primary challenger and so he may be trying to win back conservative voters by signing this bill, even if it’s not genuine.

Oregon Live recently reported that House Bill 5202, passed during the 2022 Oregon legislative session, provided $15 million to establish what backers named the Oregon Reproductive Equity Fund after social justice nonprofit Seeding Justice got the nod to administer it.

The money from the legislation will be used to help patients obtain abortions by paying for the services as well as logistical help including lodging and travel, according to Allen.

Liberals in Idaho were already enraged about the bill’s passage in both parts of the legislature and now they will have to abide by the law. In fact, this bill may drive liberals so mad they decide to move over to the deep-blue state of Oregon.

According to local reporter Joe Parris, “The bill includes a mechanism that allows certain family members to sue a doctor if they perform an abortion in Idaho, the father, grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles of a ‘preborn child’ are permitted to sue an abortion provider within four years of an abortion. The bill is commonly compared to legislation that passed in the state of #Texas. Of note, the #Idaho legislation prevents rapists from filing a lawsuit over an abortion, but a rapist’s relatives could in theory file a lawsuit under the law.”

Like the Texas bill, this bill is likely to face legal challenges from pro-abortion advocates but even after litigation, the Texas bill has been allowed to stay, even by the Supreme Court. If liberals aren’t able to defeat this law, they may soon be packing their bags.

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