Tom Cruise Predicted to Make Nearly $100 Million Personally on ‘Top Gun Maverick’ as Moviegoers Vote with Their Wallets

Top Gun: Maverick is the highest-grossing film of Tom Cruises’ career, and he’s projected to make millions off of it. The movie has made 1.1 billion dollars worldwide, and 522 million in just the U.S., and, Tom Cruise will make nearly 100 million dollars off of it.

Cruise originally got $12.7 million, and he also earns ten percent of the first-dollar gross, with his percentage of earnings going up at certain milestones. He also gets a percentage of things such as streaming and Pay TV. Estimates of what he will make on Top Gun: Maverick are between $80-$90 million and it is possible he could make nine figures.

This is the first time in Cruise’s career that he has had a film gross over a million dollars. According to The Numbers, Cruise is in second place for worldwide aggregate box office revenue, with a total of $8,491,520,442.

Cruise has had a leading role in 38 films and on top of that has been a producer for 12 and creator for 1 film. His next films set to come out in 2023 and 2024 are both “Mission Impossible” sequels where he will take up the role of Impossible Mission Force agent Ethan Hunt.

Cruise got his start with the movie “Endless Love” (1981), the film grossed $33 million domestically. His career took off during the mid-’80s, 1986’s “Top Gun” seems to be what catapulted his career.

Tom Cruise is 60 and his career seems to be on another hot streak as it seems he came back from the dead with this blockbuster hit.