Transgender Veteran Believes People Who Fly Flags on Their Trucks are Sending the Message: America is a Conservative, White Country

After NYT editor Mara Gay said it was “disturbing” to see “American flags on trucks” Thursday, a fellow pro-LGBT advocate Charlotte Clymer took to Twitter to support Gay’s narrative. Clymer identifies as a transgender woman. Clymer described “large American flags” as “performative nonsense…absolutely intended to communicate that America is a conservative, white country.” Clymer explained that when she sees trucks with American flags flown on them, all “she” can think is: “Yeah, that person is definitely an a**hole and most likely a coward”.

This morning, Clymer decided to be a teacher for Conservatives, covering what “she” believes is the proper usage of Americana products. Clymer, with her typical odd humor, tweeted out a guide for Conservatives: “A handy American flag guide for conservatives outraged this morning at common sense: flag pin — good! flag bumpersticker — good! hanging a flag outside your home — good! hoisting a flag pole and giant American flag on the back of your personal vehicle — really f*cking weird.” I don’t believe any Conservatives will heed to a transgender, social justice warrior’s advice.

Representative Byron Donalds (FL-19) pointed out that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Omar, Rep. Tlaib, and Rep. Pressley all have American flags outside their congressional offices. Donalds accused people like Mara Gay and Charlotte Clymer of “having nothing but disdain for our nations” and being “anti-USA”.

Other Twitter users mocked the talking points of Gay and Clymer, pointing out that Biden supporters also have been photographed with American flags on their trucks. Clymer said that “people who feel the need to hoist giant ass American flags on their car by default are deeply insecure and probably racist.” It seems doubtful that Clymer would think these Biden supporters are “insecure” or “racist”.

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