Lori Lightfoot Congratulates Former Police Officer Eric Adams on Becoming the Democratic Nominee for NYC Mayor Even After Adams Disapproved of Lightfoot’s Leadership

On Wednesday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot congratulated former police officer, Eric Adams, on his Democrat nomination for New York City mayor.

Lightfoot has held what some may define as radical beliefs concerning policemen and crime. In late May, Lightfoot released a plan to initiate an independent civilian police oversight group. Speaking on her plan, Lightfoot said, “Creating a civilian commission like this one has long been a goal of mine and it will allow us to continue making progress in our mission to holistically reform our police department. I want to thank everyone who helped to craft this historic ordinance and look forward to working that much harder to ensure Chicago’s police ultimately answer to the residents they serve.”

Just last week, a group of nineteen Chicago alderman called for an emergency meeting with the mayor, demanding answers to why the city of Chicago has continued to hold surging crime rates. Raymond Lopez, the alderman for Chicago’s 15th ward, told Fox News that he doesn’t believe Lightfoot bears the necessary leadership to keep Chicago residents safe. Lopez said:

Lori Lightfoot has been saying that calls for answers about violence and how we’re addressing the nonstop bloodshed on our streets was a stunt. It was political. It was a joke to her. It was the diversion. She’s never taken this seriously. And 19 aldermen have asked for this meeting so that we can get answers. Our superintendent clearly is not up to the job. The mayor is not up to the job to keep the city of Chicago safe. And we want her on record, not in a backroom meeting. We want her on record to explain how she’s going to keep Chicagoans safe. We have seen mass shootings on the rise. We had a shooting in front of my house yesterday by gang bangers checking someone who just happened to come home with his girlfriend. It is out of control, and we need to get some results that keep people safe.

My constituents and people generally throughout the city of Chicago are afraid. We’ve seen time and again where just standing in front of your own home can get you killed. They don’t see a cohesive strategy. We see that our police officers are being overworked, no days off – 12-, 15-, 17-hour shifts, weeks at a time. All the while not being able to arrest people, not being able to chase people, not being able to do their job. And our residents want answers.

The irony of Lightfoot’s endorsement of Adams is that he is a former policeman and is very “pro-law and order” which Lightfoot seems to not be. As we reported in April, a violent mob rioted across Chicago without much pushback from city officials or any definitive action in the pursuit of restoring law and order.

The violence was even taking place directly in front of Lightfoot’s residence. Regardless, Lightfoot was not moved to vocally defend or support the Chicago policemen.

Eric Adams attacked Democratic leaders like Lightfoot on Wednesday, accusing them of “demonizing” police forces while turning a blind eye to surging crime rates. On CBS, Adams said, “we have abandoned our cities, what’s happening in New York City, it’s taking place in Chicago southside, it’s taking place in California and Atlanta.” Adams directly attacked his party: “You’re seeing a Democratic Party, basically they’ve thrown up their hands and we’re continuing to see the same problems in our inner cities. We need to turn it around.”

Adams believes more Democrats ought to have law enforcement experience and called for them to stop ignoring the damage that high crime rates are doing to America: “When you look at the Democratic Party and you’re doing an analysis, you find very few people have ever been part of law enforcement. And we have demonized public protection in this city, and country because we have too many abusive officers who are allowed to stay in our agency. But at the same time, we have ignored the problems that fed violence in our country, and I say we need to stop doing that.”

Leftist Twitter users have come after Lightfoot for endorsing Adams, with one alleging that Adams, who is black, is supporting white supremacy by being a member of law enforcement: “From one insane cop lending their skin as a cover for violent white supremacy to another.”

Others encouraged Adams to use Lightfoot’s leadership and an example of what not to do if he wins the mayor race: “@ericadamsfornyc use @LoriLightfoot as an example. Everything she does do the opposite and NYC won’t end up a bigger shithole like Chicago.”

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