MTG: Do Not Fear a Kamala Presidency, No One Likes Her and She Will Expose Dems Even Worse Than Biden if He’s Impeached

Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene told supporters not to fear a Kamala Harris presidency as it will show the Democrats true colors.

“Many want to impeach Biden but are hesitant bc they fear a Kamala presidency. There’s nothing to fear. She’s worse in every way than Biden & Dems don’t like her. Expose her & expose the entire Democrat party for who they are. The People need to see for themselves. Truth wins!”

This comes as we previously reported how Rep. Greene filed articles of impeachment against Joe Biden over the Afghanistan crisis. “We reported on August 17th that U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) is filing impeachment articles against President Joe Biden. This is the second time she has filed impeachment paperwork against Biden.

Greene also did this when Biden was first inaugurated. You can read more about when that happened here. It was reported last night that today would be the day Greene would be filing the new impeachment articles.

This comes at a time when even the left-leaning mainstream news channels are turning on Biden to some degree. He failed to protect the United States at the southern border. He failed when he pulled troops out of Afghanistan. That is our opinion. But we believe we are correct.

Joe Biden has been seen as a more liberal to moderate president though recent developments have prompted many on the right to call for his resignation. However, some conservatives may be scared a Kamala presidency could be far worse due to her more progressive policies.

Though, Rep. Greene makes the argument that it would expose the Democrat Party for being more far-left than they pretend to be. Before Biden took office many predicted he would not be president for all four years and Kamala Harris will take over. We will have to wait and see what happens.

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