Rick Scott Betrays Constituents Again, Unveils Plan to Grant Citizenship to Hundreds of Thousands of DACA Recipients

U.S. Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) has unveiled a plan which would grant hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients a pathway to citizenship in the U.S. along with more funding for a “border wall system”. Below is a detailed thread from Ryan James Girdusky on Twitter.

“SCOOP: During a humanitarian crisis on the border w/ 100k+ migrants crossing every month, @SenRickScott is preparing to unveil a DACA Amnesty. The plan would put millions of illegal aliens on a pathway to citizenship in exchange for billions of dollars for a “Border wall system”

“The enforcement element of the bill would end ‘catch and release,’ complete the border wall, and increase personnel on the border.”

“Scott is the head of the NRSC and in charge of winning back the Senate majority in 2022. Biden’s handling of immigration currently is the least popular issue for the president.”

In exchange for a pathway to citizenship for those DACA recipients, this bill would end “Catch and release” and finish the border wall which former President Donald Trump built on. Of course, finishing a wall once many are “on the other side” seems like fool’s work to us. That’s an opinion statement…

In addition to that, it would increase ICE agents and personal on the southern border to increase security measures. Rick Scott was one of the quickest to throw Trump “under the bus” when he was attempting to contest the 2020 election as well, which could be seen as a letdown for many Republicans who wanted more voter integrity investigations. Now Scott, like failed U.S. House Candidate Anna Paulina Luna, has ceded ground to the left on DACA amnesty apparently. Many Republicans have stood up to immigration weaklings and called for a complete immigration moratorium, such as State Senator Wendy Rogers (R-AZ) and the U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

This deal by Scott sounds like the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act signed by former President Ronald Reagan which granted citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants while increasing the security measures on the southern border.

This, however, did contribute to California turning into a deep blue state as those people given citizenship mostly voted and vote Democrat. Pew Research proves that theory by showing how recent immigrants vote, which, in our view explains why Democrats are so pro-immigrant in part. We can’t figure out why some Republicans are though.

Pew Research Screenshot

Arguments have been made that immigration increased crime and slows down assimilation as the nation processes those who are already here, but many try to argue against this using various different potentially manipulated data points.

Now it seems like the same thing is happening as what happened with Reagan. Although the security measures in this upcoming bill are good, they are not worth granting amnesty to that many illegal aliens in the country in our view and the view of many others. People had questioned whether or not former President Trump may try to make an amnesty deal on DACA, but now we are left with a Biden Admin and many Republicans looking to make deals sadly.

Immigration is the least popular issue for Biden and with Republicans offering amnesty for hundreds of thousands of people, it is a mistake electorally for the GOP if they are trying to win back the Senate in 2022.

Stay tuned to Media Right News for more updates on this bill.

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