Ron DeSantis Calls Media Out on Apparent Politically Biased Mask Hypocrisy

Governor Ron Desantis (R-FL) promoted a powerful, fiery message for many who are perceived establishment media hypocrites and others like Tampa Mayor, Jane Castor on Wednesday.

Following the Super Bowl and its celebrations, Mayor Castor slammed Tom Brady and other maskless attendees. We reported on the details of the tyrannical claims that she perpetuated here:

During his Wednesday press conference, the media relentlessly grilled DeSantis on questions about masks and social distancing during the Super Bowl festivities. Earlier this week, Desantis faced public outrage when a picture of him not wearing a mask circulated liberal circles and media groups.

DeSantis’ response to questions on why he did not wear a mask was quite simple: He wanted to enjoy a beer watching his state’s team play!
After many pointed questions by the mainstream media groups intended to paint the governor in a poor light, DeSantis became very upset (justifiably in our opinion). He said this:

“You guys really love that. You don’t care as much if it’s a ‘peaceful protest. Then it’s fine! You don’t care as much if they’re celebrating a Biden election. You only care about it if it’s people you don’t like.” His claims of selective outrage and biased reporting are quite evident. A few months ago, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, (D-NY) seemingly disregarding social distancing guidelines, apparently partied with supporters in Times Square.

“WATCH: Sen. Schumer sings ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’ with Biden supporters in Times Square”

Where was the outrage by the establishment media then? Another example involves Democrat Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot. Back in November, Lightfoot also neglected Covid-19 precautions by not wearing a mask, gathering in a massive group of people, and not socially distancing.

Ron Desantis expressed what millions of conservative Americans are feeling. The blatant hypocrisy and far-Left bias in the mainstream media and politics appear ridiculous to right-wing Americans. This continues to damper trust and respect for the media and establishment politicians in America.